With Daily Performance reports, our owners always know where things stand with key data including occupancy, collected rents, move-ins/outs, and work orders.


On-site Property Management

Our apartment owners sleep at night knowing their investment is well looked after, thanks to our performance-driven processes and technology. Honed by a decade of successful execution, our processes include:

  • Sending a Daily Performance Report to owners
  • Stringent expense approvals
  • Daily walking and reviewing the property
  • Addressing maintenance calls within 24hrs
  • Routinely “ghost shopping” the competition
  • Establishing an effective, personalized marketing plan
  • Constantly refining a best value network of vendors

Despite strong corporate strategy, we recognize from managing thousands of apartment units that 90% of the success of a property is due to the onsite team.


Consequently, we are ever diligent to:

  • Place the right people at the right property
  • Train them well
  • Support them thoroughly

Our process regularly includes impromptu inspections to ensure our properties are being run professionally and efficiently. Also, clear escalation procedures ensure rapid awareness and resolution of unusually challenging issues.


With Daily Performance reports, our owners always know where things stand with key data including occupancy, collected rents, move-ins/outs, and work orders.

Due Diligence

Our inspections collect and analyze staggering amounts of data, so you can make informed decisions.
Our Due Diligence process is a three pronged approach:

  1. Physical inspection of every unit on the property and all deferred maintenance of the asset
  2. Physical survey of competitors’ property amenities, vacancy rates and rental rates
  3. Auditing every lease
  4. We combine this information to give you the most accurate valuation possible.
due diligence


callout imageWehner Multifamily employs a large, talented body of in-house construction and maintenance staff; delivering beneficial cost, time and quality to all of our renovation projects and managed communities.

Renovation Implementation

Managing costs, schedules and quality is especially
challenging when renovating older properties with sizable
capital budgets. We successfully tackle these challenges
with proven approaches to minimize risk, including:

  • Experienced, in-house construction staff deliver quality at competitive rates
  • Onsite foremen ensure pace, quality and sourcing for the project matches expectations with the project scope
  • Transparent and timely accounting facilitate tedious draw requests for lenders and contractors
  • Relentless pursuit of best value sourcing from local and overseas suppliers