Wehner Multifamily has developed proprietary and effective cloud-based technology as part of our services. These applications have proven invaluable in forecasting and reducing expenses.

For due diligence inspections and make-readies, Suite Inspector thoroughly scopes renovation and repair budgets.

  • Customizable to 100s of digital data points
  • Inspectors efficiently assess unit conditions using mobile devices
  • Data synchronizes to the cloud utilizing wifi
  • Comprehensive reports analyze cost by property, unit, and room
  • Multiple cost legends enable strategic scenario-building

LeakAware actively monitors water consumption, noticing water leaks long before the next [costly] billing cycle.

  • Maintenance staff captures meter readings multiple times per week with a mobile or tablet device
  • Should a reading exceed normal thresholds, the onsite staff is immediately notified
  • Automated alerts are escalated to corporate should the issue continue
  • Management dashboards analyze property-specific characteristics